Big Money Bang: Cupid’s Edition Network
Prize Pool
€120 000

Big Money Bang: Cupid’s Edition Network

The season of heated battles for powerful prizes has begun! Next up is a great series of tournaments from 3 Oaks. From February 1 to February 14 share €120 000 of prize pool and 1450 prize places. «Big Money Bang: Cupid's Edition Network» is an exciting and intense journey into the world of red-hot competition. Be aware, you'll have to work hard, because your opponents are already fully armed. Become a worthy competitor and take your prize place on the pedestal!

Tournament rules:

  • Tournament period: 1.02.24 (00:00 UTC) - 14.02.24 (23:00 UTC);
  • The tournament is divided into 2 periods: Big Money Bang: Cupid’s Edition week 1 from 00:00 UTC 1.02 to 23:00 UTC 7.02 and Big Money Bang: Cupid’s Edition week 2 from 00:00 UTC 8.02 to 23:00 UTC 14.02. There are also daily mini-tournaments;
  • In the first week of the tournament, the winning mechanics are as follows: players receive points for the highest multiplier in a single round.
  • In the second week the mechanics are as follows: players receive points for the highest payout in one round;
  • The total prize pool is €120 000. Prize pool for each week is €11 000 (the total one is €22 000). And the total prize in each mini-tournament is €7 000 (the total amount for 14 mini-tournaments is €98 000);
  • The minimum bet is C$0,50/ €0.50, and the minimum number of spins is 100;
  • Number of prize places is 1450 (150 places in daily tournaments and 200 places in weekly ones);
  • Prizes will be paid to winners automatically if it is enabled. The player will receive a winning pop-up after the results are displayed on the leaderboard;
  • If the auto-payout function is disabled, the player receives a winning pop-up with a message that the winnings will be credited by the operator within 72 hours;
  • If automatic payouts are not available due to technical reasons, the operator will manually reward the player, based on the winners report by 3 Oaks;
  • Throughout the tournament, you'll be able to see real-time leaderboard updates by 3 Oaks. The difference between the bet placed and the table being updated is up to 10 seconds. At the end, when the final results are generated, the difference can reach 5 minutes;
  • Throughout the tournament, players receive points. For participating in each daily tournament you receive 200 points, for every €100 bets during the mini-tournament you also receive 1 point;
  • Weekly competitions are held with mini-tournaments, and you can see 2 leaderboards at once: one shows the general state of the tournament, and the second one shows the player’s personal progress;
  • The list of participating slots can be found above.
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